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InQuik Defense Military
Bridges & Bunkers

Our innovative approach to defense infrastructure integrates prefabrication advantages with on-site concrete construction, to build reinforced concrete structures like bridges, military storage bunkers, fighter shelters, and blast walls.

Accelerated Construction & Defense Solution

Efficient Mobility

Logistical flexibility with lightweight cranes and smaller trucks.

Rapid Deployment

Facilitates the quick establishment of MOBs and FOBs.

Simplified Installation

Ideal for use in challenging locations, ensuring a streamlined construction process.

Advanced Defense

Permanent steel formwork for stronger resilience against artillery effects such as cone cracking, scabbing, and penetration.

Certified & Durable

100-years lifetime. Designs satisfy HLP400 as per AS5100 (Australia – 400 tonnes), and HL-93 as per AASHTO (USA)

InQuik Defense Structure Specifications and Information

Proven Success

With over 200 reinforced concrete structures already completed using InQuik technology across Australia, the USA, and the Pacific Region, our innovation is tried, tested, and trusted across the world. See the Projects section to view some of our favourites.

Enhanced Protection and Reduced Maintenance

The system includes several features that protect the structure, such as permanent formwork to provide increased artillery resilience. InQuik’s use of integral connections eliminates bearings and tie-downs, which reduces ongoing inpsections and whole-of-life costs.

Dynamic Response & Operational Flexibility

InQuik bridges possess swift deployability on a global scale, catering to both short and long-term military applications. Additionally, they are well-suited for repurposing as civilian structures in postconflict scenarios.

Bunker and shelter structures can also be swiftly deployed, facilitating the swift construction of robust protective structures for quickly establishing bases.

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InQuik Defense presents an innovative approach to defense infrastructure, integrating the advantages of prefabrication with on-site concrete construction.

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