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InQuikRail Bridges

InQuik® is excited to introduce the InQuikRail Bridge, an innovative addition to our modular bridge range. With a design life of at least 100 years, the Rail Bridge design is based on our successful Road Bridge which has been utilised in the construction of over 200 road bridges across Australia, the Pacific Islands and the USA.
The InQuikRail Bridge utilises our patented semi-modular technology, where prefabricated steel formwork and reinforcing bars create selfsupporting panels, which are placed on-site then filled with 40 MPa concrete. The bridge is thus a monolithic mass capable of resisting heavy loads from floodwaters.
The rail bridge design is certified by SMEC to the Australian Bridge Design Code AS5100 (2017), using the 300LA loading requirements. We also collaborated with researchers from the University of Sydney to ensure the design included appropriate failsafe features to account for fatigue effects from rail traffic, so the final design has a fatigue design life far in excess of 100 years. The Rail Bridge has been designed with a maximum clear span of 14.2 m meters and a total width of 4.1 m (single track).

How it Works

Pre- Engineered, Pre-Certified and Pre-Fabricated Bridge Components

Fast installation

Lightweight panels can be placed into position using small cranes. Typically takes 3 – 5 days to install the bridge.

Easy Transport

Panels are designed to be efficiently stacked and transported in the form of a shipping container.

Certified & Durable

100-years lifetime. Designs satisfy the AS5100 (2017) Australian bridge code requirements for T44 / SM1600 / HLP 320 & 400 load ratings.

Low Maintenance

Minimal maintenance with no deck joints, longitudinal joints, tie-downs or bearings.

Safe and fish-friendly

Construction from above, improving safety and reducing environmental impact. No requirement to erect scaffolds in water.

InQuikRail Bridge Specifications

Load Rating
300LA in accordance with AS5100 (2017)
Span Lengths
Integral up to 15.4m effective span (14.2m clear span) Single or Multispan
Bridge Width
Deck Depth
Abutment Height
1200 to 2400mm
Wing Walls
45 or 90 degrees
Support Condition
Fully integral up to 60m, semi-integral, or simply supported

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Product Catalogue

The InQuik® bridge is a semi-modular system, where the integrated steel formwork and reinforcing components are prefabricated off-site, then completed when concrete is poured on-site to form a single homogeneous mass.

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