Foreshore Drive Bridge


13.7m x 9.6m

Single Span


Port Stephens Council

InQuik Products



The Mambo Wetlands is a treasured natural asset - and with a collapsed culvert, the Port Stephens Council needed to implement a construction methodology that was supportive of the environmentally sensitive conditions.

With tight time constraints due to the collapsed failed pipe closing the road, the Mambo Wetlands Landcare and Conservation Group floated the idea of a Bailey Bridge: a portable, prefabricated truss bridge as a fix for the culvert.

However, with efficient top-down installation in a sensitive environment and stainless steel cladding to support the required design life, the council instead decided that InQuik best suited their needs.

We give a big thanks to everyone who helped make this project possible!

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190 Port Stephens Dr

Salamander Bay


2317, Australia

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