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Innovative Modular Bridge Systems

We have manufactured and delivered more than 200 robust and resilient bridges across Australia, the Pacific and the USA with our patented modular system. A versatile option suitable for road, rail, maritime and defense applications.

Introducing InQuik®


InQuik Solutions


The InQuik® bridge is semi-modular, with off-site prefabrication of integrated steel formwork and reinforcing components, completed on-site with poured concrete for a seamless structure.


Our Modular Rail Bridge System applies our methodology and large experience of our road bridges, meeting fatigue requirements for rail bridges. Certified to AS5100 (2017) with 300LA loading, ensuring a 100+ year design life.


Employing our technology and engineering for durable wharves and jetties, overcoming construction challenges in the maritime sector; and merging prefabrication benefits with on-site concrete construction.


Our innovative approach to defense infrastructure integrates prefabrication advantages with on-site concrete construction. Applies our technology to build reinforced concrete structures like bridges, military storage bunkers, fighter shelters, and blast walls.

Our Story

Bruce Mullaney and his brother-in-law, Jim Howell, adapted a concrete slab system for bridge building. They devised a method to pre-assemble and clip reinforcing steel to formwork off-site, and then transport it to site where the concrete is then poured.

This pre-engineered yet cast-in-place method remarkably simplifies transportation, installation, and maintenance.

Logan and Ben Mullaney, inspired by their father’s vision, established InQuik Pty Ltd in 2017 to commercialize this technology. Ben, as CEO, leads the Australian team, while Logan oversees the USA and global expansion from Colorado. The bridge system has been patented in over 88 countries worldwide and has received recognition both locally and overseas for its innovation.

Our Values