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InQuik Maritime Wharves & Jetties

Employing our technology and engineering for durable wharves and jetties, overcoming construction challenges in the maritime sector; and merging prefabrication benefits with on-site concrete construction.
The InQuik® system is a modular technology, combining prefabricated steel formwork and reinforcing bars to form self-supporting components. These lightweight elements are easily transported and placed onsite for concrete filling. Offering quick construction, as well as being cost-effective and resilient in the face of climate challenges.

Enhanced Protection and Reduced Maintenance

The system includes several features that protect the structure, such as permanent formwork, cathodic protection, and isolating dissimilar metals. InQuik also eliminates the need for transverse post-tensioning, which when corroded can be a source of structural failure in precast structures.
Integral connections eliminate bearings and tie-downs, which reduces whole-of-life costs for asset owners. Integral structures also offer much higher structural strength to withstand extreme weather events.

Local Content, Global Quality, Proven Success

Our approach balances the benefits of local labor and materials with high-quality prefabricated components manufactured in a controlled factory environment.
With over 200 reinforced concrete structures already completed using the InQuik technology across Australia, the USA, and the Pacific Region, our innovation is tried, tested, and trusted across the world. See the Projects page for some of our favorites.

Pre- Engineered, Pre-Certified and Pre-Fabricated Bridge Components

Fast installation

Quick construction – helps derisk the process.

Easy Transport

Easy to transport – allows for the use of lightweight cranes, excavators and smaller trucks.

Certified & Durable

Up to 50-years standard lifetime.

Low Maintenance

Incremental construction from shore streamlines installation.

Safe and fish-friendly

Construction from above, improving safety and reducing environmental impact. No propping, bracing, or any work within the waterway required.

InQuik Maritime Wharf & Jetty Specifications and Information

The patented InQuik Construction System is an innovative semi-modular method to build reinforced concrete structures and includes deck panels in spans from 21 to 60 feet, abutments, wing walls, headstocks and blade piers.

Download the InQuik Maritime Flyer

InQuikMaritime is a semi-modular system, where the integrated steel formwork and reinforcing components are prefabricated off-site, then completed when concrete is poured on-site to form a single homogeneous mass.

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