BIO - BIO2 Bridges


40ft x 45ft



Solomon Islands Roads and Aviation Project (SIRAP)

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BIO1 - BIO2 was our first international bridge project in the Solomon Islands, thanks to the World Bank SIRAP Program.

BIO1 and BIO2 bridges were manufactured with seismic-ready E-grade rebar, making these bridges safer, faster, and more reliable for vehicles traveling during busy times.

The bridge components have safely arrived at their destination on a barge from Honiara to Auki. Our lightweight, easy-to-install semi-modular bridges are now making remote locations accessible.

We thank Reeves Envico, The World Bank, Kramer Absence, Bridge Knowledge (BK), SMEC, and all involved for helping to bring accessibility and connectivity to the beautiful Solomon Islands!

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Malaita Province

Solomon Islands

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